The Right Honourable Paul Martin Sr. Scholarship

2020 - 2021

The Canadian Institute for Advanced Legal Studies annually awards two scholarships for the LL.M. degree at the University of Cambridge, England. The Right Honourable Paul Martin Sr. Scholarships cover full tuition at the University of Cambridge, a monthly living allowance, and return airfare, subject to any other awards received by the successful candidate.  


Candidates who have been awarded a law degree from a three or four-year program at a faculty of law in a Canadian university in the four years before the candidate will commence his or her studies at the University of Cambridge are eligible for these scholarships.

An applicant must be accepted into the University of Cambridge and a Cambridge College for the LL.M. in order to receive this Scholarship, although such acceptance need not be confirmed at the time of the application for the Scholarship nor at the time that the Institute provides the candidate with notice that he or she has been selected to receive the Scholarship. 


Applications must include:

  1. Curriculum vitae;
  2. A personal statement indicating why the applicant wishes to undertake graduate studies in law at the University of Cambridge and why the applicant is suited to undertake such studies;
  3. A copy of transcripts for undergraduate and graduate studies, for studies in law and for a Bar Admissions Course, as applicable; and
  4. A maximum of three letters of reference.

Applications may be submitted by mail or electronic mail and must be received no later than December 31, 2019, to:

Lynn Morrison, Executive Secretary
Canadian Institute for Advanced Legal Studies
P.O.Box 43538, Leaside Post Office
1601 Bayview Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, M4G 4G8

Telephone: 416-429-3292
Fax: 416-429-9805

Candidates must also apply directly to the University of Cambridge, using the online application form.  The deadline for applications to the LLM course in 2020-2021 is 5 December 2019.


Applications for the Scholarship are considered by a Selection Committee appointed annually by the Institute.


Successful applicants will be notified by April 15, 2020.

Scholarship Recipients

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